Multiple ways to reach us!

Our hotel is located at the city of Larnaka, 50m from Larnaka Bay Beach. We are situated on the coastal road that connects the Larnaka to Ayia Napa resort. The distance to the city center (Larnaca) is approximately 8 km away. The airport is at a distance of 20 km away and Ayia Napa resort at 35.5km away. Below we disclose information and directions on how to find us whether taking a bus, hiring a taxi or coming by yourselves using a car.

Taking the bus

Coming by bus is very convenient. To reach our hotel someone can take the bus route 425. The bus starts from the airport and has a stop just outside our hotel.
Bus tickets, cost 2,4 euro per passenger for one journey (based on 2022-2023 season prices) from the city centre to the Hotel. Ticket price from the airport to the hotel has a different charge. For more information please visit the dedicated website for Larnaka buses here

Concerning the bus 425, by navigating to the following links you will find:
Stops and timetable
Route map

Hiring a Taxi

Taxis can usually be hired outside the airport without prior arrangements. Please bare in mind that a route by taxi from the airport to our hotel should cost around 25 euros and from the city center around 15 euros. Our suggestion is to agree on the price prior hiring the taxi in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Renting a Car

If you decide to rent a car from the airport, there are two ways to reach our hotel.

The shortest route is to go through the city. You can see this route in a blue color on the map to the left. Even though it's the shortest route, we would strongly suggest the second route to reach us as going through the city can be a bit challenging and you might face traffic. The second route goes around the city by the highway. It is a longer route but driving constantly on high speed roads makes this the fastest and easiest way to reach us. This route can be seen in a red color on the map at the left.